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 Our wine philosophy

Our staff is continually tested on their wine knowledge and the first, and most important test question is, "What is your definition of a good wine?". The correct answer to that question is, "A wine that you like". We wholeheartedly believe that enjoying wine is truly personal on individual basis. Wine drinkers can be at any level and are continually evolving. Therefore the range of the palate of wine drinkers is vast. 


At Dvine we have created an environment that is devoid of the snootiness of the wine world. We embrace all wine drinkers at all levels. If you are just starting out in the world of wine, we believe we have the perfect environment for you. If you have been involved in the wine world for a majority of your life, we have many highly rated wines that you are looking for as well as many boutique mom-and-pop style wineries that we love to embrace and introduced to our guest.


We update our wine lists every week--we feature over 40 wines by the glass and 80+ bottles to enjoy in-house

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